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Real-World Experience

An internship with the Federal government is a great way to get real-world experience while you’re working on your college degree and begin your professional career.

OneUSDA Internship Program

The OneUSDA Internship Program offers Federal opportunities to students currently enrolled in qualifying educational programs or institutions. It is a comprehensive developmental program intended to provide students with experience in a dynamic work environment that will enhance their educational goals and help shape their career choices. An internship with USDA will involve various components of on-the-job experience, mentorship, and training tailored to the student’s education, experience, and interests.

During 2018, USDA was proud to host more than 3,000 interns throughout the country, about half were through the Federal Pathways program.

For the summer of 2019, we received more than 10,000 applications for the Federal Pathways program, all seeking to serve their country through a career in government and begin pursuing careers in agriculture, natural resources, and rural development.

The improvements we’re making to internships at USDA will enable us to recruit the best and retain the best. We are currently evaluating the applications we received, and we’re aiming to notify candidates by mid-April 2019.

Why We’re Doing This Important Work

Through our enhanced OneUSDA internship program, Secretary Perdue’s team will provide a simpler and more fulfilling experience for interns and to better meet Mission Areas’ workforce development needs. This new approach is another way that Secretary Perdue continues to enact his vision to make USDA one of the most efficient and effective Departments in the Federal Government.

Join Us

Although the application window for USDA’s Summer 2019 Pathways Internships has closed, we will be posting Fall 2019 Pathways Internships job announcements in late Spring or early Summer. Please check back here for updates! Although we’re not yet sure the locations or exact occupational fields we will open for Fall Internships, the list below are samples of the types of Internship work is generally available at USDA:

Veterinary Science

Students receive varied assignments designed to provide on-the-job training and experience in activities related to veterinary services including headquarters-type settings, veterinary field environments and veterinary laboratories.

Natural Resources and Biological Sciences

Biological sciences include forestry, rangeland management, wildlife biology, fish biology, ecology, botany, recreation, natural resources management, biological sciences, and other related disciplines.

Engineering and Architecture

Engineering and Architecture includes General Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Engineering Technical, Survey Technical, Electronics Technical, and other related disciplines.

Business, Contracting, Procurement, and Industry

Business and Industry includes Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics, Program Policy, Agriculture Outreach and Communications, and Procurement/Contracting.

General Administration and Office Support

Administration and Office Support includes Administrative and Office support, Human Resources, Information Technology, Budget and Finance, Business Administration/Management, Program Policy, Legislative Affairs and Outreach/Communications.